selected papers

2018 ABR Psychometric Testing: Analysis of Validity and Effects.
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2018 Computational Discourse in a Role-Playing Game Podcast
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2018 Failing up: How failure in a game environment promotes learning through discourse.
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2018 Frictional Patterns in the Design of Games for Learning
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2018 Learning Analytics in Support of Qualitative Analysis
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2018 Students' Perceptions of Pair Programming in CS1
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2017 Control-flow recovery from partial failure reports
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2017 Ethics and Practices in American DIY Spaces
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2017 Challenges to Multimodal Data Set Collection in Games-based Learning Environments
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2017 Connected Spaces: Helping Makers Know Their Neighbors
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2017 Constructivist Analytics: Using Data to Enable Deeper Museum Experiences for More Visitors—Lessons from the Learning Sciences
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2017 DCLM framework: understanding collaboration in open-ended tabletop learning environments
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2017 Failing Up - The Role of Difficulty and Failure in an Educational Video Game
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2017 Forest Friends Demo: A Game-Exhibit to Promote Computer Science Concepts in Informal Spaces
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2017 Mining Stack Overflow to Formulate a Question Asking Template: Asking Questions that are Most Likely to Be Answered
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2017 Mutually-supporting computational and traditional analysis for learning analytics
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2017 Understanding and Supporting Better Pairings for CS1 Students
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2017 What are visitors up to?: helping museum facilitators know what visitors are doing
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2016 Computational thinking in the wild: Uncovering complex collaborative thinking through gameplay
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2016 Designing a real-time intelligent support for museum interpreters.
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2016 Making, Tinkering, and Computational Literacy
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2016 Modeling Visitor Behavior in a Game-Based Engineering Museum Exhibit with Hidden Markov Models
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2016 Situating Deep Multimodal Data on Game-Based STEM Learning.
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2015 AMOEBA: Designing for collaboration in computer science classrooms through live learning analytics
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2015 Comparing Virtual and Physical Robotics Environments for Supporting Complex Systems and Computational Thinking
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2015 Gamification and Learning
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2015 Simulation Environments
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2014 Educational Data Mining, Learning Analytics: Applications to Constructionist Research
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2014 Exploring Physics Through A Musical Simulation
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2014 FairPlay: A Video Game Designed to Address Implicit Race Bias through Active Perspective Taking
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2014 Im a Loser, Baby : Gamer Identity & Failure
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2014 MakeScape Lite: A Prototype Learning Environment for Making, Design
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2014 Mission Critical: Building Community to Engage Young Women in Computer Science
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2014 Multiple Case Study of Nerd Identity in a CS1 Class
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2014 Studio K: A Game Development Environment Designed for Gains in Computational Thinking
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2014 Talking with kids on game design, computer programming, and taking over the world with dragons
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2014 Tech TrajecStories: Values that shape the lives of women in technology
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2013 Does recreational computer use affect high school achievement?
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2013 Learning Programming with IPRO: The Effects of a Mobile, Social Programming Environment
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2013 Monsterismus: Recursively Relevant Computer Science Game Design
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2013 Studio K: Tools for game design and computational thinking.
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2013 Supporting English Learners with Participatory Augmented Reality Simulations
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2013 The Development of a Serious Game for the Mitigation of Cognitive Bias
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2013 Using Learning Analytics to Understand the Learning Pathways of Novice Programmers
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2012 AMOEBA: Mining how students learn to program together
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2012 Becoming an Expert Boardgamer: A Quantitative Exploration
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2012 Free and Open Source Software in School Communities: An Experience Report from Peace Corps Volunteers in Ghana
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2012 IPRO: A mobile, social programming game for iOS
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2012 Leveraging English Learners' Identities in Game Design
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2012 Supporting computational thinking by modding strategic board games
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2012 Triangulating Learning in Board Games: Computational Thinking at Multiple Scales of Analysis
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2011 Allocentrism, computational thinking
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2011 Collaborative strategic board games as a site for distributed computational thinking
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2011 Designing Games for Non-Gamers: Rapid Prototyping as a Design Methodology
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2011 Programming on the Move: Design Lessons from IPRO
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2011 Understanding strategic boardgames as computational-thinking training machines
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2010 A Day as a Computer Teacher in Ghana
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2010 Programming Standing Up: Embodied Computing with Constructionist Robotics
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2010 Small Groups, Big Mistakes: The Emergence of Faulty Rules During a Collaborative Board Game
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2009 Participatory simulation as a tool for agent-based simulation
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2006 Leveraging epistemological diversity through computer-based argumentation in the domain of probability
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1999 Finding parts in very large corpora
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